Indie Artists

All of the artists below have appeared on “Psych Word Radio Show”


Mac Miller – Donald Trump (Pittsburgh, PA)

Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps (Queens, NY)

Mike Stud – Closer (Providence, Rhode Island)

OnCue – No Way (Brooklyn/Connecticut)

Raymonee – Win (College Park, GA)

The Initiate – God Only Knows (NY & TX)

Grease Biratella – The Worlds Mine (East Harlem, NYC)

Fresh Billz – Ever Ever (Queensbridge, NYC)

Skidbone – Water So Clear (Leminster, MA)

Skinnie Kinnie – I Go Bananas (Memphis, TN)

Mr. Crazy D – Realmatic (Queens, NYC)

Oxzilla TaranTino – 2morrow ft. Chey Lanay (Boston, MA)

Q – Who Shot Ya ft. Jus J (Orlando, FL)

Nelly Petkova – Bad (Bulgaria/New York)

Joey Superata – The Family;Produced by: Versace Dre (Los Angeles, CA)

CboiGDaSauceGod (Sauce Raps) (Kent, OH)

Lou Nac – Ice Cream ft. Red Rose La Cubana (Washington, DC)

That Cicero Guy – Fighting the Devil (Chicago/Denver)

The Ringleader – Breakthru (Ottawa, CA)

SwellyOverdose – Wavelength ft. Sanchez Brown (Baltimore, MD)

2Ru3 – The People ITUNES LINK

Kaylee Keller – Diamond

Qipp – S.I.M.F. feat J.U.S. Lyric

Vigilanty – Baby I’m Just Doing Me

Rebel Bran – Bluesers

J Eaton – I Promise

Joe Ceezer – Kicked 2 The Dirt

Corey Dreamz – Cali Girl

Tha Captin – Po Fours

Terran Bailey – Champ Bailey

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Jr. – Where You From

Teresa Topaz – Driving Me Crazy

Kerosene – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Duals – Life is a Paradox

Who is Lorenzo Torez?

Street Knowledge – Now I Know

Saddle Brown – Look Around The House

Cannz – My Ways

Mile High Club – Victory

Cam 24/7 – Come and Get It

J-Oh – Only You

Rolla’s Official EPK

Jaymeson – Duality Episode 1

Kadia Rush – Fight the World

Sirena – Your Kingdom

Proffess – No Hangover

Odette – Glow

DJ Scarface ft. 050 Boyz & Big Prodeje

Tweezy ft. Sequence – With Me

Mar-Kush – The Parliament

Kwin MD _ Forget the Club

Kei Kohara – Lonely Summer Girls

Girl on the Run – Get Out of My Life

Nina Lee – Try to Break Me

Klokwize – We’ll Be Alright

Jon Willis – Ready, Set, Go

5:am – Let Up

Hera – Sitting Here

Make em Pay – Smack

DeMarcus Rashad – Conscious Sounds

Izzo – One, Two, Three

Sybre – Philly 101

Mechie Deuce – No Lights

Mydis – Sirens

3rd Twin



Max Creek – Windows


Shakedown “LIVE”


Cosmic Dust Bunnies – Metroidome


The 30th of February – Unknown

Sisters Charlotte & Mikayla

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