Meet The Team

rob radio

Rob Girard

Creator and Host Rob Girard has a vintage sweater collection that is recognized by many. He is often seen scaling walls and crushing ice.   He knows the exact location of every food item in the supermarket.  His ego is only exceeded by his drive to success.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Rob has dipped his feet into many vast bodies of water. He has developed “Psych Word” with the intent on bringing mental health and addiction treatment to the mainstream. He will complete his Masters Degree in Social Work in May 2016, and plans on entering into a PhD. program in Aug 2016.  He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is a certified drug and alcohol counselor through the State of CT.

“Like most people, I have had my own set of hurdles. I haven’t always responded well to the inevitable pain of life. The more that I continue to learn about acceptance, the more I realize that it’s up to me to mindfully respond or mindlessly react to whatever life brings. No matter what happens, I have the freedom to choose how I let it affect me. I don’t choose everything that happens to me, but I will always be able to choose my response. So can you.”

Twitter: @Rob_Radio

dj chris

DJ Chris Rush

DJ Chris Rush provides the weekly music mixes to Psych Word.  He also is the talen behind the popular prank call segment “Rush Calls”.  DJ Chris Rush has been a prominent DJ on the east coast for 10+ years, and specializes in hip-hop and house music.

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